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Weekly highlights

This weeks highlights:

we got our capture pen for the cows :)

Andreas held birthday in November

Andreas got a new computer :)


Andreas is going on science camp the 25-27 november

Confirmation wishes

Zelda breath of the wild

Steam Giftcard(s)

Webcam 1080p 60fps

Tommy Hilfiger Hoodies og Jeans

M2 disk ca. 550GB

Birthday 2019 (13 years old)


New computer

Molecyle set and book about molecyles




Comic books

Basketball and Basketballhoop

Bordplan af Andreas

Table seating by Andreas

Række1/Row1 Charlotte, Ellen Birgitte, Asker, Sophia, Ellen marie, Anker, Erik

Enderne/The ends Morten, Louise, Andreas

Række2/Row2 Thomas, Agge, Karin, Christian, Rikke, Alma, Frida

And everyone remember to HAVE FUN

It is mandatory to have fun or you will get TICKLED muhahahahahaha

oh I almost forgot there will be CHRISTMAS MUSIC we are taking requests on the music from the Queue app Id: Birthday2019

Menu by Louise ordered by Andreas :)

15:30 Hot chocolate and Danish brunsviger served in the garage

17:00 Champaign and salt roasted alomonds

18:00 Spiced pumpkin soup followed by traditional thanksgiving dinner

20:30 Pumpkinpie and Applepie with coffee and portwine

from 15:30 to 00:00 will there be CHRISTMAS MUSIC

Now some practical info/Praktisk info

there will be activities such as drawing or playing BORING... uhh I mean BOARD games upstairs

der er mulighed for aktiviteter som at tegne eller spille bræt spil ovenpå

Remember warm clothes and boots


1. Socialize dont be on your phone all the time

2. Remember to dowload the Queue app (if you have iphone/ipad) and suggest music :) ID: Birthday2019

3. Please provide me with feedback and errors if you find any on webmaster@skoerpinge.dk

4. AND REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN. Or you will get tickled

5. Dont eat all the food please

NEWS someone got a little delayed so the Hot chocolate has been moved to 16:00 instead of 15:30

Get ready for cardtricks :)

Garage Mad

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